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Free A/C Next Week

Of course, it's free from Mother Nature. You're going to save quite a bit on those electric bills over the next few weeks. It has been cooler and wet recently, but not cool and dry. While still considered long range and can change, it looks very promising for a real taste of fall air, especially at night. Following the operational Euro, the front should arrive late Monday into early Tuesday. While daytime highs will be quite warm, the humidity levels should fall. Dry air cools efficiently. This will allow overnight lows to drop into the 50s and 60s across the state. While it's too early to predict record low temperatures, there's at least the chance we'll be within a few degrees.

Getting to the cooler air will come at a price. It will be quite unsettled with waves of showers and storms. While I do not expect widespread severe weather, there is a low threat. Also, locally heavy rainfall will be possible. That's the last thing some in Arkansas need.

This is quite remarkable considering this is the driest time of the year. Some places have seen more than a foot of rain over the past 30 days. The only places not seeing the incredibly wet weather is far northeast Arkansas and far southern Arkansas.

With all the moisture in the ground PLUS the forecast, I continue to think the worst of the summer heat is well behind us and in the rear view mirror.

The 12Z Wednesday EURO 2 meter temperature guidance tells the story. Warm and humid air will continue through the weekend, then the cooler and drier air will set in by the middle of next week. Again, while this is still long range, it has support from other guidance as well.

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