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Forecast: Rain

I had a guy come up to me this past weekend and say, "so, it's going to rain all week?" I politely replied, "well, not all the time". Maybe he was looking for an excuse to get out of yard work? Maybe.

There will be dry periods and there will be wet periods over the next several days. As we said on the air last week, the rain will be more likely over western Arkansas, then the amounts will fade to the east.

These rains are very important to any early summer extreme heat. The more rain now, the less likely we'll reach 100° early. That may sound pointless since heat index temperatures could easily exceed that with all the moisture in the air around here.

Let's get to what I really want! We just had back-to-back summers without hitting 100°. That was the first time in several decades that has happened. What about back-to-back-to-back years without reaching 100°. If I read the record book correctly, that hasn't happened since 1948, 1949, 1950. I highly doubt we can achieve that, but let's go for it, right!?

The ground is moist over the souther United States and very dry west. This is a strong indicator as to where we're going for the early portion of summer. It's not a matter of if it gets hot, but how hot? I think the western United States will sizzle and we'll be in a sauna.

15 day rainfall anomaly from the European model continues to bring more rain right through Texas into Iowa. Western Arkansas should see the most rainfall with amounts fading east.

slight to moderate risk for excessive rain Tuesday into early Wednesday just to our west.

7 day rainfall amounts have the highest west of us, but enough to cause flooding concerns over western Arkansas. Look how the amounts drastically fade east.

Yes, it's going to rain, but not all the time this week. Severe storms? Yes, there's a SMALL chance. I'm more concerned about flooding rainfall west. Whether you had yard work planned this week or have to put it off until the following week, it's going to have to get done. With all the rain coming, that grass will grow!

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