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February Fever

It's above average and thankfully it's not 98.6°

I thought it would warm up after that last cold spell, but I didn't think it would get this warm for this length of time. Wanting cold weather? It will happen. However, I don't see anything extreme and I don't see any winter weather this week. As a matter of fact, thunderstorms will be likely Wednesday into Thursday and a they could be strong/severe.

The 1st week ( 7 days) of this month will likely go down as one of the warmest openings to February in Little Rock weather history.

Let's look at the numbers for February 1-3

Average high temperature: 64.7°

Average low temperature: 39.0°

Average temperature: 51.8°

Now, let's incorporate our forecast numbers through the 7th.

Average high temperature: 67.8°

Average low temperature: 50.4°

Average temperature: 59.1°

By average high temperature (CHART BELOW), we may rank #1 beating 1911 for the warmest 1st week of February.

By average low temperature (BELOW), we could blow past 1911 again and rank #1

And by average temperature, we again could blow past 1911 and rank #1.

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