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Falling Into October

September is typically one of the driest months of the entire year, but it now ranks as the second wettest so far this year. As a matter of fact, every month since May has been wetter than the preceding month. Looks like a trend to me!

So what can we expect according to history for October and how about extremes? Check out the following.


Hottest temperature: 105° at Grannis and Okay on October 1st, 1938

Lowest temperature: 12° at Gravette on October 30, 1917

Highest daily rainfall: 11.90'' at Mena on October 8th, 1990

Highest monthly rainfall: 27.00'' at Magnolia in 2009

Highest daily snowfall: 8'' at Harrison on October 27th, 1913

Highest monthly snowfall: 8" at Harrison in 1913

Earliest state snowfall: Trace at Alum Fork, Brinkley, Helena, and St. Charles on October 6th, 1952


All-time hottest: 97° on October 11th, 1963 and October 10th, 1963.

All-time coldest: 27° on October 30th, 1917

Wettest: 16.56'' in 2009

Driest: .01'' in 1944

Snowiest: Trace in 1993 and 1925

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