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Fall Colors

There's a chance we'll see more vibrant fall colors. Also, we may see the change a bit earlier compared to previous years.

Endless summer over the past several years has diminished the incredible fall colors we're used to and delayed them a bit. This year may turn out to be different since we're getting a REAL FALL! As the sun gets lower on the horizon and the leaves begin to change, weather also becomes an important factor. We need mild days and cool nights. Also, dry weather with just a little rain every now and then can really bring out vibrant colors. We do not want an early freeze as that can diminish colors. When the leaves begin to change and get closer to peak, if we have a strong storm system with heavy rain and wind, it can rip the leaves off the trees prematurely. We always need to keep that in mind.

As I write this in late September, 2020 may bring a memorable and beautiful fall. Always send your pics to Chimein at I It's simple to upload

Also, there's a great sight to explore for fall colors. Check it out.

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