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Double Tropical Trouble Next Week

NEW as of 8:25AM Friday -Tropical Depression #13 upgraded to a storm and named “Laura”.

This means #14 will be named Marco at some point soon and that's the one which could impact Arkansas Weather


The official tracks as of Friday morning from the National Hurricane Center has them making landfall as hurricanes at nearly the same time next Wednesday.

Rare? Absolutely! However, 2 hurricanes striking the United States happening almost 87 years ago on September 4, 1933.

While a double strike is in the forecast, it hasn't happened yet. Remember my saying, "there are no guarantees in weather until after it happens". Much can change and influence the intensity and path of these storms.

How will these 2 storms interact with each other? Will one become more dominate than the other? These are things we can make educated guesses about, but won't know for sure until we get further down the road.

Now onto Arkansas impacts. 14, the western most area of concern, may take a favorable track to bring remnant rainfall to Arkansas by the middle to end of next week. Depending on track and intensity, we must always watch for the possibility of heavy rainfall and even isolated tornadoes. If the center tracks through or just west of the state, we're in trouble.

The other area, tropical depression 13, would likely track too far east to have much influence on our state. However, it's early in the ballgame and these things can change quickly.

European ensemble model guidance for tropical depression #14. Many of the members show a potential impact on Arkansas later next week.

European Ensemble guidance for tropical depression 13 mostly positions the storm east of the state next week.

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