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Cold With No Snow is Like Ice with No Cream

Break out the chapstick! Cold and dry arctic air will settle into the state late today through much of the week. Since last week, we at Channel 7 have not bit on the accumulating snow idea. It's NOT how we get snow of any significance in Arkansas. I'm daring Mother Nature to prove me wrong right now!

What about southeast Arkansas, I have doubts for you too. Sorry. I think it's possible for flakes to fly and MAYBE a light coating of snow for far southeast Arkansas. I just can't see it being much more than that.

Any water on the streets from rain or run-off will freeze tonight and the bigger weather story will be cold air over the next several day.

By late Tuesday into early Wednesday, I think a few areas of light snow or flurries will be possible across northern Arkansas. This was something talked about here 1st earlier last week. My saying, "northwest flow, lookout below". The air mass will be from the arctic. Any disturbance in that northwesterly flow will squeeze out available moisture PLUS lift from the mountains north could produce light snow. The challenge is overcoming the extreme dry air in place. As for accumulation, I wouldn't bet on that, but a few flakes could fly. Again, cold is the bigger story.

Temperatures continue to fall at 7PM. Where it's raining, it's above freezing. Some heavy rainfall possible southeast Arkansas with a storm or two. Because of this AND run-off, look at the chance for ice patches on the roads when the subfreezing air enters that portion of the state.

9PM Monday - still getting colder, but all areas getting precip still above freezing. Again, watch for a "flash freeze" of the moisture on the roads southeast Arkansas. Run-off will freeze as soon as subfreezing air filters into southeast Arkansas. Ice patches possible Monday night into Tuesday morning

By 11PM, there could be a mix far southeast, but again, temperatures will be just above freezing. Little if any accumulation expected. Most of the northwest half of the state is at or below freezing.

Late Tuesday into early Wednesday a weak disturbance could bring light snow or flurries to the higher elevations of northern Arkansas for the reasons stated above and in previous blog posts.

Cold will be the biggest story. Wind chills Tuesday AM

Wednesday morning wind chills

Thursday wind chills.

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