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Close Schools For Severe Storms?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Snow always closes school around here, but did you know in several other states schools will shut down if the severe thunderstorm and tornado threat is high enough?

I have seen this in Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida. Maybe a few other states do it, but those are the ones I have noticed. Do you think that's really a good idea?

As a parent and a meteorologist, I'm strongly against that here in Arkansas. I know the kids would say otherwise, right? In many circumstances, schools are built better than a home and able to withstand high winds. Also, many modern schools have safe rooms. I would feel more comfortable knowing my kids have a strong structure around them and school administrators watching the weather. If severe weather hits while they're letting out for the day, there's nothing wrong with holding them there until a storm passes.

For the parents, how do you adjust your work day when something like that happens? We do it for snow, but that's rare. Severe weather happens with much more frequency in the South.

Watch what happens Wednesday. There will be a severe storm and tornado threat for Mississippi and Alabama.

What are your thoughts? Comment in the comment section below.

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