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Bold Cold!

By far, the coldest air of the season is scheduled to arrive next week. The big question, will there be any moisture to go along with it?

We have to go back to a very important rule when forecasting winter weather in Arkansas. The air cold enough to support snow must already be in place before the moisture arrives. You can still get wintry weather if this doesn't happen, but it's typically not significant. I feel we're looking at that situation.

As stated before, most of us will only see a cold rain. Any change to wintry weather will be across far northern Arkansas Monday afternoon and evening. Central Arkansas has an outside chance for a few flakes of snow or a few areas of sleet as the precipitation is exciting.

This is NOT a situation to go out and buy milk and bread, unless you need it. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 full panic, this needs to be around 0. However, it would not be impossible for a couple slick spots to develop across far northern Arkansas. If this changes, I'll let you know.

The BIGGEST weather story next week will be the cold air and the brutal wind chills. There's an outside chance the first wind chill advisory could be issued!

A model and not a forecast! The Euro has a brief change over across northern Arkansas late Monday afternoon. It's a cold rain for most of us with highs set early Monday, then falling by the afternoon

The GFS is a little more aggressive with the change over late Monday, but that's typical of this model. I think this will end up somewhere between the Euro and GFS, but more like the Euro.

Tuesday morning temperatures left and wind chills right by 6AM. THIS WILL BE THE BIG WEATHER STORY!

Wednesday morning temperatures left and wind chills right. AGAIN, THE COLD WILL BE THE BIG WEATHER STORY.

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