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Barry Arrives This Weekend

The Barry we don't want arrives Sunday and the Barry we do want (Barry Brandt) is back from vacation Monday.

Barry should make a significant impact on the state with eastern Arkansas seeing the most rain. Here's what we know at this point and what to expect PLUS a few graphics below.

- Scattered showers likely Saturday afternoon, especially southern Arkansas.

-Rain will rotate counterclockwise around Barry. The rain will be moving from east to west. That's not a direction we typically see, but it's all due to the circulation around Barry

-Steady rain will begin in southeast Arkansas early Sunday morning, then slowly work to the north

-Western Arkansas will see little if any rainfall.

-Flash flood watches will be likely across much of the eastern half of the state.

-While rainfall will be significant in Arkansas, the heaviest will fall in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

-The threat for brief and isolated tornadoes will exist for much of the eastern half of the state Sunday

-Barry should exit late Monday into early Tuesday from south to north

-Heat index values will be terrible later next week across areas that receive rainfall from Barry.

Track as of Friday morning. Areas surrounding the track and to the east will see the heaviest rainfall. That includes much of eastern, central, southern, and northeastern Arkansas. Little if any expected west. VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER, IF THE TRACK SHIFTS WEST, HEAVY RAINFALL WILL ENGULF MUCH OF THE STATE. ANY EASTWARD SHIFT WILL PUSH THE HEAVIEST RAINFALL EAST OF ARKANSAS. As of Friday morning, this is the forecast track.

Current rainfall forecast from Channel 7. Remember, this can still be adjusted a bit.

Current timing of the rain. This too may still be adjusted.

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