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B-R-U-T-A-L Heat

Excessive heat warnings and heat advisories likely late this weekend into next week.

Will we hit 100°? I think there's a decent chance it happens, but let's not focus on that. The heat index may exceed 110°. With football practice, band, etc, this is a major concern for EVERYONE.

The upcoming heat is NOT record breaking and is very typical in Arkansas. However, we must always remember heat is the number 1 weather related killer. We want to get through this heat without anyone getting hurt. Please take care of yourself and your neighbors!

For the actual air temperature to hit 100°, we look for 3 things: complete sunshine, a ridge of high pressure centered on our region, and a dry ground. The ground may have dried up enough for it to happen. The ridge of high pressure will flex its muscles over the region starting Sunday, then move slowly westward by Wednesday. It will cool down a little, but probably not much at that time.

Sunday heat index temperatures by 4PM Sunday afternoon according to the GFS guidance

Monday heat index temperatures by 4PM Monday afternoon according to the GFS guidance

I hope the models are wrong, but it's looking likely we'll see some serious heat and humidity. Nothing unusual and nothing record breaking, but you don't need that to cause problems. Take care.

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