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August Outlook

We are making our final descent into fall. Will you need to buckle up for big time heat and dry weather? At this time, I'd say "NO".

Where are we right now?

We're cruising at hour average highest temps of the entire year according to the 30 year average. There's a strong chance July will end up with below average temperatures. How can we keep that going into August? The pattern continues to favor troughing over the south central United States and unsettled weather. Remember the 3 things needed for triple digit heat: a ridge of high pressure, sunshine, and a dry ground. At this time, we won't have a persistent ridge and we won't have a dry ground. Are we home free? Will we not reach 100° this summer? At this time, there appears to be a narrow window late August into early September. Anything after September 6th would be record breaking if we reach 100.

Look at the newest rainfall outlooks.

6-10 day outlook (July 30th - August 3rd) odds tilt towards above average rainfall.

8-14 day outlook through August 7th still looks wet at times.

And the new 3-4 week outlook through August 21st favors above average rainfall.

We still have plenty of summer to go, but I like what I see as long as it's not too much rain. You know how we can go from one extreme to another around here!

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