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Arkansas Slushie

Why do I call it an "Arkansas Slushie"? ALL forms of precipitation will be possible across the state. If you are a winter weather lover, do NOT get your hopes up at this time. I continue to think we'll have a COLD RAIN Friday for most of the state. It's late Friday into Saturday, the forecasting challenges really kick in for us.

As always, northern Arkansas will be prone to a wintry mix later Friday into Saturday. As the cold air becomes better established, the wintry mix of freezing rain and sleet should transition to snow. That transition should work to the south as the moisture exits. However, how much moisture remains when the air cold enough to support snow arrives for areas further south? There are still several unknowns that will not be answered until Wednesday or Thursday.

At this time, the highest chance for wintry weather will be across the northern 1/4 to northern 1/3 of Arkansas. The further south, the majority of the precipitation will fall in the form of a cold rain. As always, things can change. That's why we're asking you to keep checking back with us at KATV Channel 7.

There is a good chance Friday into early Saturday for a wintry mix for northwest Arkansas. The chance is 30% or less further south in the light green according to the Weather Prediction Center.

The WPC agrees the highest chance early Saturday into early Sunday for wintry weather will be northern Arkansas with lesser chances south.


The GFS is run 4 times a day and can vary quite a bit run-to-run. Friday afternoon, a cold rain moves into the state. The solid red line is the freezing line at the surface. It's not even in Arkansas. The solid blue line is the 35 degree line and that's established over the Ozarks.

Friday night into Saturday morning, a mix COULD develop across northern Arkansas as cold air moves into that area, especially the higher elevations.

As the surface low pulls away and the upper level thermal profiles grow colder, the mix and rain transitions to snow from north to south. The question here is, how much moisture is left over and how strong will the cold air be? This will become more clear as we get closer to the weekend. Stay with KATV Channel 7.

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