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This could be winter's last hurrah for Arkansas. While it will get cold from time-to-time, this will likely be the last round of winter weather for the season within the Channel 7 viewing area.

There are strong signals a massive warm up will get underway next week. However, we will have to endure 2-3 days of very cold weather AND snow!

Models continue to show the threat increasing Friday afternoon/evening and ending Saturday early. If this is correct, schools will not feel the impact of another snow day. Timing can always change.

A strong arctic front will move through the state Friday. Cold air will be in place as a potent storm system approaches. Temperatures will be well below freezing north so accumulations are more likely there. Into central Arkansas, accumulations will be possible, but temperatures will be around freezing. This COULD help keep roads just wet, but slushy if it comes down hard enough. As soon as that March sunshine comes out Saturday, any snow will quickly melt.

All this assumes this still comes together. We're several days out and you know how much things change!

Euro ensembles probability of total snowfall at least 1 inch. Very high north and even into portions of central Arkansas. Chances decrease quickly south.

Euro ensemble chance for at least 3'' of snow. Greatest over the mountains. I should mention this all assumes a 10:1 ratio. 10 inches of snow for every 1 inch of water. This could be a situation where the ratios are a bit lower.

No surprise here. The GFS is colder with good chances for at least 1'' of snow over a large portion of the state. Don't get excited about this. GFS tends to have a cold bias.

GFS ensembles chances for at least 3 inches of snow.

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