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100° ?

The 1st month of meteorological summer is in the books and no 100° heat so far and I don't see any triple digit heat anytime soon. It will feel like 100° or hotter with the heat index. The wet spring rolled into June and soil moisture levels are still quite high.

Calculated soil moisture anomalies as of Monday, June 29th tells us what we already know, the ground is wet.

You need 3 things for triple digit heat in Arkansas: A strong ridge of high pressure, complete sunshine, and a dry ground.

So let's look at the 8-14 day precipitation outlook through mid July.

Average to above average rainfall is expected. However, the plains begin to dry out.

At this time, I think the earliest chance for 100 degree weather will be mid to late July and that's not unusual. The ground may dry out enough for it to happen. Remember, we have not had back-to-back summers of no 100 degree heat since 1967/1968. Before we get excited about a somewhat cooler than average summer, look back at the summer of 2007. It was wet in June and cooler than average. We dried out by the middle of July and a long streak of very hot weather including 100 degree heat arrived in August. Bottom line, it's still possible.

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