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4th and 5th Biggest Weather Events of the Decade.

Coming in at #5 is the extreme cold and heavy snow in February of 2011. Little Rock ended up with 8.9'' that month with 2 substantial snowfalls that month. 2.1'' fell on the 4th and 5.9'' fell on the 9th.

While that obviously made headlines, northwest Arkansas experienced record breaking snow and record breaking cold.

It became known as Snowmageddon and for good reason!

Springdale 21.2''

Gravette 17''

Fayetteville Drake Field 14.6''

Deer 14.5''

Harrison 13''

Gilbert 11''

Dover 10.5''

The skies cleared rapidly and the winds went calm directly following that fresh snow. It was the perfect setup for temperatures to set records. The morning low temperatures the next day were jaw dropping.

Highfill -21°

Fayetteville -18°

Gilbert -9°

Lead Hill -9°

Marshall -5°

Little Rock 10°

#4 Historic Arkansas River flooding of 2019

This one is fresh on our minds. Several rounds of very heavy rainfall fell over the Arkansas River basin of Oklahoma and Kansas. All that water had to go somewhere and it ended up in Arkansas as it made a journey towards the Mississippi River. It was a slow motion disaster for those who live along the usually quiet river. The levee breach in Dardanelle made major headlines and it's still being repaired to this day.

The highest crests on record...

Van Buren 40.8' on June 1st

Dardanelle 45.9' on May 30th

Morrilton 43.0' on June 4th

Toad Suck 275' on June 4th

Little Rock 29.7' on June 5th (7th highest)

Pine Bluff 50.8' on June 6th (2nd highest)

Pendleton 37.6' on June 6th

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