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2 Cold Fronts in 7 Days!

Welcome to summer and welcome to a couple significant cold fronts!

So far, the idea of early summer heat staying across the western United States has worked out well. If we get extreme heat, 100° or higher, it will likely arrive mid to late summer.

It's hard to believe the NAM is showing 30s Tuesday morning across northwest Arkansas. Yes, 30s!! While I'm not sold on that, the idea that a model would show that in Arkansas in late June is fascinating.

The cooler air will not last long. Very warm and humid air will quickly move back into the state Thursday. HOWEVER, there are already signs of another cold front next weekend!

Record lows this week? It's possible to challenge 2.


NAM 60°

GFS 57°

Record low 54° in 1992


NAM 61°

GFS 59°

Record low 57° in 1902

Possible 7 day rainfall amounts

Remember, the more moisture we have in the ground, the less likely we will reach 100°. If we begin to dry out, that's when we could reach the triple digits. We have not had 3 consecutive summers without reaching 100° since 1948, 1949, and 1950. It will be tough to do, but each drop of rain counts this time of year.

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