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  • Todd Yakoubian


You think the weather is crazy now?  Check out what happened exactly 109 years ago.  It's the 109 year anniversary of the "Great Blue Norther".  This was an enormous wave of cold air which took temperatures from extremely warm readings on the 11th to record breaking lows the following day. 

Below is the actual weather map from November 11th, 1911 from the Weather Bureau.  Notice the strong area of low pressure (cold front) from the Great Lakes down into the southwestern United States.  Behind it is the enormous arctic high coming out of Canada.

By the next day, the front is along the east coast with much of the central United States in the deep freeze.  The surface high is located across the plains of Texas and Oklahoma.  Notice the black lines between that feature and the front to the east.  Those are isobars, lines of equal barometric pressure.   The rapid change indicates strong northerly winds ushering in the BIG chill.

Here's an up close look at the map indicating Little Rock with a pressure reading on the 12 of 30.42 and a temperature at this particular time of 22 degrees making it a 50 degree drop from the same time 24 hours earlier on the 11th. The current temp. at this time was 22 degrees.

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