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100°? Forgetaboutit

It won't happen anytime soon for several reasons. It's still early meteorological summer and we can dry out rapidly, but the only way we hit 100° is with the heat index and even that is unlikely for a week or two.

You have probably heard me on air talking about the refreshing air mass on the way for next week. Temperatures will be below average and humidity levels will drop! That does not happen often this time of year. The pattern is not favorable for any major heat for awhile. I will not go out on a limb and say no major heat this summer in Arkansas. We still have July and August and you know how Arkansas Weather can change.

NASA released this a few days ago. Shallow groundwater wetness is very high across much of Arkansas and the delta. As long as the ground is moist, the sun's energy goes into evaporation. Once the ground dries out, then it goes into really heating us up efficiently. It will take awhile to get rid of that wetness if we do at all.

6-10 day outlook has us with a high chance for well below average temperatures and low humidity too.

In the 8-14 day outlook, there's a good chance for below average temperatures as well.

The summer outlook from NOAA has much of the central United States with below average temperatures. This does not mean it won't get hot.

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