Whether you buy it or make your own, why wait for mother nature to bring snow?  It's easier than ever to make your own snow thanks to free plans and a trip to the hardware store.  While the plans are free, it will cost about $60 to build your own plus the cost of the correct pressure washer and air compressor.  I have found the right air compressor is the key to a successful pile of snow.  

Once you get to that exciting and perfect day to make snow, there are a couple important things to remember.  Make sure you store ALL of your equipment in an area well above freezing, including the garden hose.  Also, make sure your faucets don't freeze.  Once you're ready to make snow, take the equipment outside and start it up as soon as possible to avoid any water freezing within the lines.  When your snow making is finished, make sure to bring all of that equipment back inside.

The good people at "Snow At Home" have an incredible website loaded with great information including those free plans. 


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